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As someone who loves the automation in this platform, I find I can go several days without needing to sign into Galaxy Digital. I would love to receive an email notifying me when someone has registered to become a volunteer so I can approve/deny their request.



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Good Morning JP, 

Thank you for posting on the forum! What I am hearing from this suggestion is that you would like the ability to:

            1. Find out when someone new has signed onto the site as a volunteer.

            2. Approve or deny their request to be a volunteer on your site. 

Do both of those sound right? 

Thank you!


This would be super helpful to me as well. With all of the template messages that we have control over, it would be nice to have a message that we can activate to send out to site managers that a new user has created an account. 


Alayna McGarry

With my volunteer base, I'm pulling from the same group of 80 some volunteers, not getting brand new ones every time.  When I do get new volunteers mid-season, they usually need the process to go fast and sign up for new opportunities quickely.  I really need a new registration/qualification notification, otherwise I'm going to miss new volunteers.  This was kind of one of the things I was kinda hoping for with an actual volunteer management system.

Alyssa, I just posted a new topic for the need of a qualification notification, too. Feel free to mention your comments on that one also so that it has more support. Thanks :)

I would like to see this feature as well. Frankly, with all the notifications I receive, I was surprised to find that this wasn't one of them. I did miss a new user because of my notification expectation. The ability to deny a registration would also be helpful, but not as critical for me because I use qualifications as gatekeepers for volunteerism. Thank you! 

Hi All,

Thank you for the additions and support for this post! I will make sure to add this suggestion and the support for this suggestion on the enhancements board. I will include the suggestion to 1) have a notification that is sent out to Site Managers when a new user has been added and 2) create a way for Site Managers to approve or deny new users before they have access to the site. 

I hope you all have a great rest of your day!


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Are there any updates to this request?  We too need this feature.  Right now we plan on pulling a daily report on Users by Date Added but would love to get a notification.  

Hi Jennifer, 

Thank you for checking in! We haven't implemented this change, but I will add your voice to the chorus! I think using the Date Added filter on the Users page is a great way to currently find that information. 

Right now, the suggestion is to create a notification that goes to Site Managers when a new user registers on the site. Additionally, adding the ability for Site Managers to approve or deny a user's request to join their site. Please let me know if I'm missing or mistaking any aspect of that request. 

Thank you!

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