AEM vs Initiative: How can I tell which one to use for large unique events?

Big picture, we have a local college linked to our Get Connected platform through a campus connect. Every year we organize a Day in the Community for them, coordinating projects for around 1,000 staff and faculty. We’ve always utilized the AEM for this since it makes it easy for agencies to post into this private event, we can select which agencies can participate, and it connects well to each agency's page. One thing that did come up that they asked I look in to is making particular needs private for certain staff groups. (Example: An agency had a project where they needed HVAC work done. This college has skilled HVAC workers and we wanted to send a link just to that particular group and not have random staff sign up). Are we able to make a need private within an AEM? The other option was to possibly switch to Initiatives, but I’m afraid we’ll lose a number of the previously mentioned benefits that coincide with AEM. Example: how can an agency (that has been granted access to an initiative through the fabulous new feature) easily post a project to an initiative? I’d be grateful for feedback on this so we can give our volunteers a great experience and easily connect them to the opportunity of their choice.


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Hi there Lindsay, this is an excellent question. From the information above, and what I’ve seen on your site, I would recommend making the switch to Initiatives. Using Initiatives will allow you to use User Groups and Qualifications, both of which could be great options for working with the HVAC workers, and are unavailable in the AEM. In Initiatives, the admin can exclude specific agencies from participating in the initiative, and can house public and private opportunities in the same initiative. Although the Company and User Group tools have slightly different functionality, I believe you will be pleased with the volunteer experience and data collection User Groups can provide. Agencies can post needs or opportunities to an Initiative when they are creating a regular need. In the Need form, the initiative drop down will appear and they can select the initiative they wish for their opportunity to appear under. I absolutely think Initiatives will be the best fit for this use case. This chart, Initiatives vs Advanced Events, compares the two tools side by side! Please reach out to us at for information on any of these features I’ve mentioned here! 

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