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Is it possible to have a volunteer’s “yes” RSVP’s to an event populate on their calendar of things they’ve registered for? 

Currently if a volunteer RSVPs Yes to an event there in no indication in their account calendar, whereas for needs they will see what they signed up for.

We have received one response to this, as follows:

>>Event RSVP's- Currently, this option is not available in the software. This would require a large enhancement to the site. The primary reason this is not an option at this time is because the Events feature allows for a span of time that would require the development team to write our all possible options, which is a very lengthy process.

I don't think this is necessarily so. The Event can either be a Full Day Event, or a specific date/time start and end. This is really only 2 options.

I realize that it would be more work than that to add it to external calendars (i.e. Google). As a start, though, it should be on their account calendar.

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Hi Beth, thanks for posting!

You definitely came to the right place, and I will make sure that this is documented in our enhancements request board and be sure to bring it up in our next meeting. 

We really appreciate your suggestions, and will do our best to take them into account when designing future versions of the software!

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Curious if this ever came to fruition!

Hi Savannah,

Thank you for reaching out! This is not an item that we have updated. The Volunteer Schedule Calendar is still only for volunteer Opportunities/Needs, and not Events. If this is a request that you would like to voice your support for, I am happy to add your support to our enhancements board for our developers to see!

Thank you, 


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