Customize Check In Kiosk Options

Hello, I'm suggesting that Site Managers have the ability to choose what options are available for volunteers using the check-in kiosk. for example, having the option to remove "Check in With Custom Time" could be useful. For some of our programs and services we want volunteers to check in right when they arrive and check out at the time they leave. Checking in with a custom time could have the potential to lead to the falsification of hours. As Site Manager, I am not on location at many of our sites so I don't actually know how long a volunteer stayed during their shift.

Thank you, and I hope this suggestion is taken into consideration.


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Hi Hank, 

Thanks for posting! I've documented your request for our development team to consider. I think you provided all the needed detail here but I'll post again if we have any clarifying questions. It was built with custom time because some people will arrive and forget to check in, we wanted to accommodate those people by allowing them to use the check in tool and put the correct time they arrived in. We are always seeking to make the product flexible so it can meet as many needs as possible though, so we always appreciate your ideas and real life uses of the software.