Interact with Reflections from the Manager back end

Hi! I have a faculty member that is using the reflections function, primarily to upload documents. I would like for there to be a way to look at reflections on the back end and possibly export all documents that have been uploaded for a course. Or even to have the export all option to be available to course instructors. 



Hi Daniel!

I'd like to dig into this one to make sure when I write it up for development to consider the documented solution will meet what you are hoping for. Would you like to be able to view a reflections page that will show a row for each person's hour entry and the columns would be the question/answers. If they uploaded a file, have a link to the file? 

When referring to exporting these reflections, are the written answers ever related to the files that are uploaded? Would you need to see those questions along with the uploaded file, or just the files? What other information would you like to see when you are exporting the files, student name and email, maybe the opportunity they participated in that the hours are related to? Would you need any information about the course? 



Hi Ali, 

Sorry for my delayed response! We've been really busy lately. And I think that your first suggestion would effectively resolve the issue. If there was just a column for reflections with either the written text or a link to the file that would be perfect. 

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