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There is a nonprofit on our site that does not need anymore volunteers for a specific need. However, there is a volunteer that wants to track her hours. The Nonprofit made their need inactive but in doing so their volunteer can't track their hours. Is there a setting where they can close the need to new volunteers and allow their current volunteer to track her hours?

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    Hi Samantha! Thank you for sharing this question. First up, I want to ask a question so that I can get a little more information. What duration type setting does this need have?

    Our best recommended practice for creating needs with a specific volunteer capacity is to use any duration type other than Ongoing. This allows the admin, or agency manager, to set a specific number of responses a need can receive. 

    I generally don't recommend making needs inactive, as this is a lot like deleting the need,  and makes it impossible for the agency manager to edit the need in the future. An alternative option would be to make an ongoing need private after the desired number of responses have been received, but this loses some of the convenience of setting need capacities. 

This Need Duration Types article and table should provide some helpful insight into these settings.

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