Visual way to confirm need sign-up

One of our volunteers submitted the following, and I thought this could be helpful to others: "On the volunteer opportunities [need] page, when you sign up for an event the text changes from "VIEW DETAILS" to "CONFIRMED!" with the same font color and background color. It would make it a lot easier to track what events you sign up for if the background color changed in addition [to] the text."

Within the need, the color does change and makes it far more visually apparent which need the volunteer has responded to (second screenshot). Perhaps if these were consistent features on all pages, it could be easier to track as suggested.

Hey Jaclyn,

Thanks for the suggestion, and for sending the screenshots. I'll make sure to pass that along to our development team.

In the mean time, I wanted to mention that the opportunities/needs page actually uses the primary color that you have selected in your site settings area for the "View Details" link. The "Confirmed" link always displays as a green color that we use for all of our "success messages" on the site.  In this case, the color green that you've picked out for your site is almost exactly identical to the green that we use on the "Confirmed" link, so that's causing them to seem so similar. If you look on a site with a different primary color, they are more distinct (see below).

So if you wanted to change your primary color, or swap your primary and secondary colors, that would definitely make those links look different. Either way, I'll pass things along to the development team. It's certainly good for us to accommodate for the fact that our customers might choose colors that are similar to our default colors.

Woah, what are the odds! Thank you for mentioning this, I may go in to try to adapt this somehow to keep in line with our branding but help this be more evident. 

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