Merging User Accounts

Would love to see account merging as a feature for site managers.

For example, some users may have a profile with their personal email, but volunteered as a team and gave their work email to the team leader, so the hours got logged on their work email, but not their account they signed up with.

Because of this, I needed to manually go in and add these "extra" accounts to the user group that these team members were within. This was the best workaround to log their hours, however, now some of the members have 2 accounts in the user group.

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Hi Ryan, 

Thanks for posting! Does this wording of your request cover what you're hoping for?

Add the ability for a site manager to look up two different email addresses for the same user, choose a primary account to merge all related activity into. Any responses or hours related to the secondary account will now be associated with the primary account. 



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The secondary account would need to merge all responses, hours, groups, etc. to the primary account as well.

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Hi Ryan,

Sorry about that, small typo! I've fixed it. It was supposed to say will now be associated, not will not be associated. 



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Yes, you got it Ali!

We're finding members of a team are giving their team leader a different email than the one associated with their existing profile.  Typically, this is their work email because the teams are coming from the same place of employment.

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I have a couple of volunteers who have two different accounts with the same email address and hours from two different years, is there a way I can transfer the hours from 2017 to the hours for 2018 ??

Hi Regina, I have converted this topic into a help desk ticket so we can discuss your details more specifically. Thanks for reaching out!

I wanted to enter a new email that is tied to HARTH but wanted to forward it to my personal email.

Hi Linda,

I have converted this topic into a help desk ticket so we can discuss your details more specifically. Thanks for reaching out!

Any updates on this request? I was surprised the system doesn't allow for a basic function like merging records. We have users with both a personal and business email - as well as dupes under the same email.

Hi Bryan, it looks like you and Dave have a thread going about this, but I just wanted to make sure we were able to address any questions you had. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

The ability to merge accounts would be a great feature.  Too often, users have different email addresses and will accidentally create new accounts. 

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Hi Karyn,

Thanks for reaching out!

I may be able to help you here, but I have a few questions. I'll send you a support ticket so we can discuss the specifics.

Agreed! This is what we use our down time for in Dec and early Jan - Merging accounts!

Hi Timna!

There are a couple of ways to go about this, I'll send you a support ticket so that we can discuss the details!

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