Manually Adding Responses After Need Expired

Pretty commonly, especially for new users/agencies, we need to assist with recreating a need that has passed to log hours for users/teams that didn't respond to the need before it expired, but ended up volunteering.

Could we get a manual way for site managers (even agency managers) to add a user/team to a need that has expired?

This will eliminate having to recreate a new need (triggering auto emails and effecting site data) to log the volunteers hours.

I would also like to add, in order for me to do a workaround and create a new need to log the hours, I had to log in and out multiple times to assume the user profile for the agency manager and team leader. 

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for reaching out to us! It sounds like this might be solved by manually adding a user response to a need on behalf of the user. When adding a response on behalf of a user, you can do it while staying logged in as a site manager and you can add the response before or after the need expires. 

For example, let's say that there is a need called River Clean Up. The need expired on April 21st. You know that John User volunteered at River Clean Up, but he didn't add a user response, and now he can't because it is April 24th and the need is expired. As a site manager, you can go to the Responses area of your site and add a response for John. 

To add a user response: 

  • Go to Volunteerism > Responses
  • Click the Add a Response button 
  • You will be prompted to enter the name of the need and the user's name. 
  • Click Add User Response. 
  • The response is now added to your site! 

Does this sound like it would solve the issue, or have I missed the mark? Please let me know!



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