Agency Managers should be able to opt out of website's Weekly Digest Emails

We get a lot of requests from agency managers to unsubscribe from the weekly digest emails. We don't want to turn off this email because we think it's valuable for users of the site looking to volunteer.  It would be incredibly useful if the agency managers could opt out of these kind of site notifications, while still receiving an email when a user responds to their need.

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Hi Sarah,

Thank you for sharing this information! We do understand the use of an option for agency managers to select specific notifications they would/would not like to receive. It can be a challenge to keep agencies engaged when they are being inundated with emails. Please know that your voice is being heard! I am going to share your feedback with our development team and add this to our enhancement board, so it can start making its way through the process. Have a great Friday!



This would be so helpful.  4 thumbs up

Hi Julie!

Thanks for your up-vote! I am adding your voice to this request. Have a great day!



I like the idea... although a possible edit would be to be able to have monthly notifications rather than weekly. I think more managers would be happy with a monthly notice, and might actually pay attention to it rather than seeing it as an annoyance. 

Hi Molly, 

Thank you for adding your voice to this suggestion! I will make a note that monthly Agency Manager Digest reports would be more user-friendly than weekly notifications. 

Have a great Friday!