I need a report of the hours performed per volunteer

Where do I go to run a report that shows the name of the volunteer, the date the hours were performed, and the number of hours performed for our agency?


Hi there Cynthia, 

Thank you for reaching out! The best place to access this information is in the Agency Stats Tab. Be sure to select a date range and export the report in order to see the total number of hours. If you need more information, contact the Primary Site Admin via the Agency Manager Toolbox on your agency profile. 

Hi our volunteers are still getting used to the system have not been logging their hours digitally. I need a way to print a report for the entire month of signups. I'm a manager, but not an agency admin. How do I do that? 

Hi Yarina, 

This is a great question for our support department! They typically respond to emails within 4 hours, I don't want you to have to wait in the future for answers so please email support@galaxydigital.com whenever a question pops up for you. 

Have you checked out the data explorer yet? If you go to the response data explorer in the reports area, it will let you select a date range and export all the responses within that date range. 

If that doesn't provide what you're looking for, shoot us an email and we'll be happy to help further! 



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