Have Multi-date events appear on the activity calendar

We love the new mulit-date event feature - we use it often because we have lots of opportunities (needs) that occur over the weekend or longer. However, these don't appear on the activity calendar and so people can't scan the calendar to see what is happening.

Hi Wendy, 

Thank you for your suggestion! I will make sure this gets passed along to the Development team. How would you like Multi-Date to appear on the calendar? I can think of two options: 

1) The name of the need on the first day and again on the last day. 

2) The name of the need on every day from the start to the end. 

Does one of those options sound right, or is there another way to show Multi-Date on the calendar? Please let me know what you think!



For us, it would be best if the opportunity appeared on every day it spans. (Sometimes people can come for just one day of a multi-day event). So option 2 is best. 

Sounds great Wendy--thank you for clarifying! I will make sure to get this information to our development team. 

Have a great weekend!

Any thoughts for when this might be addressed? This is something that would be a tremendous benefit to our volunteers. 

Hi Wendy, 

Thank you for checking in! We haven't addressed this change yet, although I have double checked to make sure that your request has been added to the Development Team's roster. We will keep you updated on the status of this request!

Thank you!


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