Have Multi-date events appear on the activity calendar

We love the new mulit-date event feature - we use it often because we have lots of opportunities (needs) that occur over the weekend or longer. However, these don't appear on the activity calendar and so people can't scan the calendar to see what is happening.

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Hi Wendy, 

Thank you for your suggestion! I will make sure this gets passed along to the Development team. How would you like Multi-Date to appear on the calendar? I can think of two options: 

1) The name of the need on the first day and again on the last day. 

2) The name of the need on every day from the start to the end. 

Does one of those options sound right, or is there another way to show Multi-Date on the calendar? Please let me know what you think!



For us, it would be best if the opportunity appeared on every day it spans. (Sometimes people can come for just one day of a multi-day event). So option 2 is best. 

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Sounds great Wendy--thank you for clarifying! I will make sure to get this information to our development team. 

Have a great weekend!

Any thoughts for when this might be addressed? This is something that would be a tremendous benefit to our volunteers. 

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Hi Wendy, 

Thank you for checking in! We haven't addressed this change yet, although I have double checked to make sure that your request has been added to the Development Team's roster. We will keep you updated on the status of this request!

Thank you!


I would also LOVE to see this.  Almost all of our needs are multi-date.  They don't show up on the calendar.  Also, when you run a report, you only get the first date of the meeting. It's kind of confusing if you're sending the spreadsheet to someone outside of your organization.  


Date Type


Multi Date


Multi Date


Multi Date


Multi Date


Multi Date


Multi Date


Multi Date


Multi Date


Multi Date


Multi Date


Happens On

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... also, I don't understand why it doesn't appear on the report as nicely as it does on the site.  It's perfect on the site - it lists it "Nov 8, 2021 through Nov 9, 2021"  Beautiful :)

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Hi, Shelley,

Thanks for adding your thoughts here! I will add your support to the previous suggestion and make sure this new request gets notated for the reports, especially, to our enhancements team.

"Multidate opportunities will appear on the reports as they do on the site, with both dates listed."


Maia Price
Galaxy Digital CX

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Thank you for considering these changes to the calendar and related reports, I am very hopeful these changes/additions will be made soon. Some of our Needs (Committee Meetings) overlap, so we would need the functionality to show not only multiple days on the calendar, but multiple events for managers to see all the Needs (Committee Meetings) at once so they don't overbook the facility.
I have a few questions below as our calendar feature is currently disabled.

Does the current system allow for overlap of different Needs (Committee Meetings) to show on the calendar all at once for Managers to view?

Can a Manager see all the Needs (Committee Meetings) on the Calendar without being assigned to the User Group (Committee)?

Do volunteers see calendar information for User Groups (Committees) they are not assigned to?

How does the Response (RSVP) tie into this...
Will a volunteer see they have responded (RSVP'd) to the event on the calendar by a color indicator or by hovering over the Need?

Are the volunteer's responses (RSVP's)  visible to the manager of that User Group (Committee) by hovering over the Need? 

If these are not current features, can they be added as suggestions for Calendar functionality?

Hi Sara,

Thanks so much for adding your thoughts here! I have added your voice to our current notes we have about this particular request. 

For your additional questions, to better serve you I am going to start a new ticket with you shortly to address these. Be on the lookout for a new email from me soon!

Thanks again,


CX Specialist

she / her

I would love to get multi-date opportunities to show up on the calendar view. We would want each date to be on the calendar and when a volunteer clicks on it, they would see that it is a multi-date commitment. Right now, our multi-date opportunities are less visible to volunteers who look on the calendar to sign up.

Hi, there, 

Thanks for adding your support to this request!

If any specific questions arise, please don't hesitate to email support@galaxydigital.com


Maia Price (she/her)
Onboarding and Success Specialist
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This was posted 4 years ago is there any update on making the multi-date function show up on the Calendar? This is extremely important for my organization.

I have just joined Galaxy Digital, I would hope that some improvements would be made after so long.......

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Absolutely agree.  If you are going to provide multi-date functionality, provide full suport of that functionality.  It's time to address this, Galaxy! 

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