Pending Volunteer Timesheet

Is there a way to contact a volunteer who has submitted a timesheet that does not jive with my agency's records?

This question was resolved in a ticket with our support team.

Sending out an SOS--RE: "Pending Aproval" appears to be malfunctioning recently?

I am having the above problem where I have contacted the point person in an organization and she has replied that she has already entered my hours, but will try again (since submitting hours for volunteers on this site is new for her).  

However, there are two other organizations that I have worked for recently that have not confirmed my hours (if I am to believe my "Status" on my dashboard).  I don't want to email them too, and ask them to "resubmit" if it is some kind of glitch having to do with my specific dashboard.  

Incidentally, the above "resolved in a ticket" does not help me.  I hope you can explain a solution to me in plain English.

Thank you,


This question was resolved in a support ticket. 

How do I submit my hours from 7/9/20, 7/10/20, 7/11/2020, 7/15/20, and 7/16/20? It will not let me go backwards in the calendar to select.

This question was addressed in a support ticket. 

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