Animal Icons

It would be nice to have some animal icons ( dog, cat, bird,etc) for those using the software for those using the software in animal related fields.



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I would also like to request a more diverse set of icons for ecological restoration or trail work: 

-Maybe 6 kinds of plants (different leaf shapes, native preferred)

-A few invasive plant leaf shapes (e.g. English Ivy, Himalayan Blackberry)

-Trees - deciduous and coniferous

-A shovel, plus other tools, such as hand clippers, loppers, a saw, for example. 

-A hiking boot

-A water droplet

-A salmon

-Something symbolizing climate change

-Something symbolizing environmental education

-More symbols related to stewardship

-More general variety on eco icons, maybe these: Environment Icons & Symbols | 90,768 Vector Icons available in PNG and SVG formats (

Thank you!


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I agree! We have an aquatic volunteer group where the volunteers assist with fisheries related information. Having an icon of a fish, fishing rod, waves, water drops, life jacket, fishing hook, fish bobber, etc. would be very helpful to appropriately describe the areas where icons are required. 

Hi Amy,

Thank you for sharing these ideas with us, these are all fantastic suggestions! I have added your request for these icons to our enhancement board and will do my best to advocate on your behalf!

All the best,


As a state park system, I totally agree with Amy.

Nancy Schelin

Tennessee State Parks

Hi Alayna,

Thank you for sharing your feedback to this post! Here at Galaxy we are all very passionate about animals, and volunteer groups that assist with animal impact. We are definitely advocating for additional icons to be added to the choices currently available. I will make sure to add your voice to this enhancement request. Have a wonderful 4th of July!

Happy Friday!


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for reaching out with this suggestion! I'm so happy that we are getting some wonderful animal welfare sites joining us. I will make sure to add this idea when development updates our list of icons. 



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