Kiosk check-in with no account

I would like agency managers to have the ability to check-in volunteers who do not have accounts with the kiosk using only a name and email or phone, and not have to create an account. This is especially critical in times of disaster, where volunteers will simply walk out and not register, thereby losing the in-kind match for FEMA, rather than create an account.

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Hi Michelle,

Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding check-in for volunteers without an account. I will make sure to share this with our development team and emphasize the importance of this feature during times of disaster. As a current work around, you could allow you agency managers to login into their account using check-in and adding "Plus-One" hours for those volunteers who do not wish to create an account. You can read more about "Plus-One" hours at this LINK. Again, we appreciate your thoughts and I will make sure to add this to our enhancement requests. Have a great day!



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