Custom Questions - Add Phone Number as a new data type

This request is to add PHONE NUMBER as a new type of Custom Question.  We currently use SHORT TEXT for this information, but the Volunteer can type anything into the field.

Although it is amusing for the Site Managers to see what some volunteers enter, it isn't as amusing when there is an accident and the Emergency Contact Number provided is "Call Saul"

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Hi John, I think having form validation for the existing phone number field might be a more direct way of addressing this, unless there is some reason you need to see this as a custom question. This request makes a lot of sense to me, and I will be sure bring this up in discussing the next round of updates. 

Thanks for your input!


How do I apply a form validation to my Custom User Registration question named 'Emergency Contact Phone Number'?


Hi John, 

I just wanted to confirm here on the forum that I have put in an enhancement request for form validation for all phone number fields, which would make it so volunteers would only be able to enter a phone number in those fields and not text or something else. 

Thanks for bringing this up!

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