Dashboard Section Control

There is a post to allow control over the page layout of the volunteer's Dashboard.  It is a great suggestion that our Habitat affiliate would also like to see.  

Given that this suggestion has been deferred, I have another product suggestion that is simpler and perhaps less disruptive to the existing product design.  The request is listed in two parts:

1. Add options to turn off sections of the Dashboard.

2.  Add an option to select the order of the sections as they appear on the Dashboard

Use Case:  If the most important thing at a site is Suggested Opportunities, they should be set to appear at the top of the Dashboard.    Similarly, if a site believes the most important thing is Hours, or Rotators, or Programs, or Recent Opportunites, or Recent Events, they should be set at the top.

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Hi John, thanks for reaching out. 

I think a modular dashboard could be very useful in allowing volunteers to make their dashboard fit their data priorities more closely. 

I will add your suggestions to our enhancement list and bring them up in our next meeting. 

Thanks also for being explicit and describing your use case, that helps a lot!

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