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Currently, when you send a link to an individual they are prompted to log in, but once logged in they are taken to their dashboard page, not the specific page you linked to initially.  The user ultimately needs to go back and then click the link a second time.

Requesting an enhancement to have the user be automatically redirected to their initial link after logging in, rather than the user dashboard.  Because 96% of the time the user isn't already logged in, or they haven't made an account yet.

It would be a huge benefit to us, both as we send private initiatives to people, but more so as we try to send our agency site managers to specific pages (like their AEM or Needs tab).

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Hi Rachelle,

Thank you for reaching out with this suggestion! I will make sure that our development team is aware of this scenario and the suggested solution in their next enhancements round. 

Have a great day!


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