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It looks like GD has an API available to query various data from the database, but we need an API key to do that. Is the API key available through the backend, or do we need to request it?

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Hi Stephanie, I checked your site settings and we have generated an API key for you. You can find your API key under Manager > Settings > Main Settings near the bottom of the page. 

Let me know if you have any questions, otherwise have a great day!

Is there a way to get around the record limit on the API string?

Hi Orinzal, 

You will want to use the Offset and Limit parameter when making your requests if you have more records than can appear on a single page. When you make any of the list api calls, the response will include information about the total number of records (rows), the offset and the limit:

    "rows": 200,

    "offset": 0,

    "limit": 50,

You can think of the /list api calls as returning a page of whatever you are looking at (needs, users, etc) where the limit is the items per page (a maximum of 50), and the offset is the number of items to skip. Using the example above, you could list all 200 records by looping through the pages, and incrementing the offset until you have accessed all of the records (4 times through the loop, limit = 50, increment the offset by 50 each time through).

Let me know if you have any questions!

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