Simplify process of moving a volunteer up from the Waitlist

This suggestion is to simplify the process a Program Manager (PM) would follow to move a volunteer from the Waitlist to the Response list.  The current process requires two steps.  First, the capacity of the shift has to be increased to open up a slot(s) for the additional volunteer(s), and second, the PM adds the volunteer(s) by going to the Waitlist and clicking on the + (plus sign) next to their name(s).  The suggestion is to reduce this to one step, namely, just click on the + (plus sign) next to their name(s).   The first step, which is eliminated with this suggestion, would be carried out automatically by the product every time a volunteer is moved up.

The primary reason for this suggestion is simplicity.  The first step, increasing the capacity of a shift, requires four sub-steps on the PM's part, all of which become unnecessary with this suggestion:

1. Click on EDIT SHIFT
2. Enter new CAPACITY 
3. Click on SAVE SHIFT
4. Click on the browser's refresh button to confirm the new capacity has been applied

Furthermore, if the work day has multiple Opportunities at the same site, all of them could have Waitlists and the current process to increase capacity would have to be repeated for all of those that can use more volunteers.  

Hi John,

Thank you for these suggestion! Let me sum up your suggestion to make sure that I have it right: 

Eliminate the need for PMs to update the capacity, because adding someone off the waitlist would automatically increase the capacity as well as add the waitlisted person. 

Please let me know if that sounds right, or if I need to add anything! 


Hi Autumn,

Your understanding is correct


Hi John,

Great! I will add this suggestion to our Enhancements board. I appreciate your feedback! 

Have a great weekend!


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