Add the ability for a user group to have a designated leader

It would be great for a user group to be able to have a designated leader other than the site manager. This leader could -

1. See the list of participants and edit this list.

2. Assign teams or the entire group to volunteer for an opportunity.

3. Check on volunteer hours and assign if necessary.

4. Access reports of the group.

The site manager does not know the group dynamics like the leader from the corporation, church, or civic group. This puts an unnecessary burden on the site manager to have to provide "second hand" information to the group. Groups could work much more efficiently with a group leader who has access to necessary information to let the group function as needed.  Many corporations have the option and/or requirement that employees volunteer on a regular basis.  These corporations or groups wish to manage this function and have access to the information on their members..  By adding this option, Get Connected would be much more user friendly for these groups. 

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Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out to us! We took the time to move this post over to our "Product Suggestion" forum, so other site managers will have the opportunity to view your post. The "Report a Problem" forum is designated specifically for sharing bugs that are found in the software.

Great News! We do have a feature that gives your groups the functionality that you requested above. This is our SLM module, which will allow for your group leaders to have more access and freedom to manage their groups. If you are interested in knowing more about the SLM module, and how it can benefit your organization, please reach out to our Customer Care Team at The team can provide additional information on functionality and cost.

Have a great day!


Hey there, just thought I would add my input here! 

I was looking for the exact same functionality as you were, the ability to hand off some of the control to leaders without having to give them access to the full back end, and with some fussing, we got it to work for us. 

The fact that the user group information is now recorded without a volunteer having to select it is awesome too. 

Best of luck!

Hi Katherine!

Thank you for contributing your input! We find that our SLM module works well for organizations that need this type of functionality. We really appreciate you sharing how this has worked for your organization. 

I am so glad that the new update is also working well for you! We do our best to listen to what our administrators are saying so we can make improvements that help all sites. Please feel free to share any other thoughts you have about the SLM module, so other site managers can see the ease and functionality it provides without granting too much access to personal information.

Have a great day!



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