Deactivating Account

What is the process for deactavating an account. I don't have an alternate program manager and I need to remove our volunteer opportunity from the site. I can't find a name or number to call to ask for help.


Hi Sydney, 

This is a strategic forum for clients who have licensed our volunteerism software. I checked your email address and it appears that you have accounts on two of our client's sites. Which one are you needing assistance with? I can put you in touch with the site manager who can help you get your account squared away. 

Kind regards, 


I need to deactivate my account as well.  I misunderstood what I was signing up for.  I apologize.  Can you help?

Hi Alex, 

When you log into your account and are viewing your profile, you can scroll down almost to the bottom of the page where you will find this button: 

Clicking that button will get you all taken care of. 



Galaxy Digital

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