The ability to add multiple responses at one time

It would be extremely helpful if both site managers and program managers had the ability to select one opportunity and shift and add multiple volunteers' responses for it at once.  Currently the system allows you to choose only one volunteer, and then you have to go back in, re-choose the opportunity and shift, and repeat the process for however many volunteer responses you have.

It would also be extremely helpful if program managers could search name or email and be prompted with a list of volunteers like in the site manager view.  Currently they must search by email only, and they are not prompted with a list of potential volunteer matches.



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Hi Anna, thanks for reaching out!

I will add this request to our request board and be sure to bring it up to the team in our next enhancements meeting. Thanks again for your input!

This is a great suggestion.  Furthermore, if the manager can add volunteers to an Opportunity in bulk, they should have the option to have the Capacity of the shift automatically increased to accommodate the additional volunteers.   Currently, if there was not enough room in the shift, the manager would have to edit the shift first to make room for the additional people and then add the people.

John, that's a great point! It would be super helpful if the capacity of the shift would adjust automatically.  Thanks!

Hi John, thanks for the suggestion!

I will add the new auto-adjust shift capacity to the existing enhancement request. 

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