Individual Agency Manager Notifications for Specific Opportunities

We often have agencies with multiple agency managers who may be working on distinct and separate projects. The person who needs help stuffing 750 bags needs to know if volunteers are available, but that person doesn't need to know about the volunteers who want to prepare taxes. In our case, those are small numbers. But when our housing organization holds their day fair for the homeless, they may be recruiting 300-500 volunteers, while at the same time a different coordinator within their agency is recruiting a similarly large number for point-in-time count. The two coordinators shouldn't be bombarded with 300-500 messages for a project for which they are not responsible. I would suggest that checkboxes added to the need description could be used to select which agency manager(s) should be notified of responses. I get that we can add additional notification recipients, but I'd like to be able to say, "I need the responses from my project, but you do not."


Brad Martin

Program Coordinator

United Way of Southwest Alabama

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Hi Brad, 

Thank you for your suggestion and for explaining the use case! I will make sure to write this up and add it to our Enhancement's board for our Development team to see. Does this sound like an accurate summation of your suggestion? 

  • Include a space in the New/Update Need page that would allow Agency Managers to select which Agency Managers will receive Automatic Notifications relating to that Need, specifically the notification announcing that there has been a response. 

Thank you! I hope you have a great day!


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