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I wanted to take some time to submit a request for some features I would really like Agency/Location Managers to have on this platform.  These are features that Site Managers currently have, but I would like for Agency Managers to have because of the nature of our organizational structure and how we work with volunteers.   I realize this suggestion probably is more involved or complex on your end, but I wonder if there would be a way to "toggle" what permissions certain Agency Managers can have??  Or just toggle what ALL agency managers can do? 


Anyway, 2 primary features that I would like them to have: 

User Search (by name):

Because we have location managers at other locations who manage and work with volunteers, I think it would be more respectful to those managers and make life a lot easier for them to be able to search for a volunteer by name (to find contact info, or to manually assign a volunteer to an opportunity rather than typing in the volunteer’s email).   Right now I am really torn about whether or not I need to bite the bullet and train our location managers to be site managers, or if there’s a way to give them the information and tools they need without giving them site manager privileges.  I also do not want my location managers to feel that moving to this platform has made things more difficult or given them less control over their own volunteer programs.  We’ve only JUST started getting Tucson volunteers signed up, and the next phase will be helping our other locations.



Opportunity Search by Phrase:

             Currently there is not a way for an agency/location manager to narrow down the opportunities they are looking at that have been posted to their agency/location.  I do know about and am really fond of the “search by phrase” filter that you can find under the opportunities section of a regular user account.  I think I would like this to be available on the agency/location manager end because it would be easier to find and edit a specific job (especially when there are SO MANY different jobs, and some that are the same job but with recurring shifts for different times of day).  I would like for someone with Agency/Location Manager status to go to the Agency/Location Manager opportunities page, type in the opportunity that they want to edit or see responses for, and be able to do that quickly.  I do know that you can sort the opportunities, to a degree, but it seems that the ability to filter would be useful.

             For some context, I would like to get to a place where staff at my organization can check on THEIR volunteers and THEIR opportunities.  However, that means that about 5-10 staff in various departments will have mid-level admin privileges for managing their volunteers and schedules, and I would like for them to be able to find and edit their opportunity requests easily (with less chance for them to disrupt/edit opportunities on accident that they don't typically supervise). 

Anyway, thanks for listening! 

Hi Stacy,

Thank you for these suggestions! We had originally blocked Agency Managers from seeing their users as an extra level of privacy, although as we get more Community Connect clients we really appreciate hearing how that system is working (or not working) for them. I had a quick clarifying question to make sure that I'm capturing the right information when I write this up for Development. Would it best for Location Managers to have access to all Users names on the site, or just Users who have responded to one of their opportunities?  Does this sound like an accurate summary? 

  • Allow Site Managers to toggle on certain levels of access for some or all of their Agency Managers. One increased level of access would allow Agency Managers to search Users and access User information. This would increase their control over their volunteers. 
  • Add a search/filter function on the Agency Manager Opportunities tab. This would help Agency Managers whose opportunities have been assigned to them by the Site Manager search for a specific opportunity and opportunity responses. 

Thank you so much for your contribution! 

With gratitude, 


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Yes, that sounds like an accurate summary:  I would like for location managers to have access to the users who have responded to opportunities at THEIR location. 

And yes, I'd love for location managers from the location(agency) manager view to be able to search for a certain opportunity (similar to how you can search on the manager side of things). 


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The suggestion to allow Program/Agency Managers access to User Information is of great value to our organization as well.  The idea of making this information available as an Option for the Site makes complete sense.

Stacy ... I appreciate your comment about being 'torn about whether or not I need to bite the bullet and train our location managers to be site managers'.  That is exactly the point we find ourselves today.

Hi Stacy and John!

I wanted to clarify a point: Agency (/Program/Location) Managers can see the user information for the people who have responded to their opportunities. They can do this by going to to their Opportunities section and selecting Responses from under any specific opportunity. 

Agency Managers can then see the user information for everyone who has responded to that opportunity (I blocked out the names of user respondents for privacy)

They can also expand what they see on the screen by either clicking Export Responses (in the red circle) or selecting more options from the Table Filter. Here is what the Responses pop up looks like with more options selected from the Table Filter. 

I wanted to know what additional user information Agency Managers would ideally have access to. I'd love to hear both your thoughts!

Thank you!



The two use cases for our organization where access to user data is needed are:

1.  The Program/Agency Manager wants to "Manually Add a Opportunity Response".  Currently, the Manager has to type in the user's email address.  It would be much more convenient if they could type in the user's "Name or Email", similar to what the Site Manager can do when searching within "Manage Users".

2.  The Program/Agency Manager wants to invite selected volunteers to Respond to newly created Opportunities, which are defined as PRIVATE.   For example, they want to contact those volunteers who live within 25 miles of the construction site who have the Skill of 'Roofing'.  Or they need a handful of volunteers with the Skill of 'Framing' to build all the window and door frames in preparation for a Wall Raising for a new home.  In both of these examples, the invitation would not restrict the list further to those who have FANNED the Program or Responded previously.  Other examples would require access to other user data, such as a "Women's Day Build", or "Crew Leaders" needed to  help manage a team of volunteers from Bank of America.

Currently, the Program/Agency Manager has available to them a list of "Available Volunteers".  This meets some of their needs, but is limited.  They would prefer to have access to the EMAIL BLAST feature available to Site Managers.  It's a great tool primarily because of the User Filter.  The filter can reference all the user data, which makes it easy for the Site Manager to target their communications effectively.   The Program/Agency Manager would like to have in their Toolbox the same ability. The issue of user privacy, which is a requirement shared by many clients, is not a concern of ours because we are a single Habitat affiliate.

If EMAIL BLAST was available to Program/Agency Managers,  the list of 'Available Volunteers' would no longer be needed.  Furthermore, they could do all their communications without going through their Site Manager to get the target list of volunteers.  The absence of this this tool is the reason why we're considering adding all of our Program/Agency Managers to the list of Site Managers.

Hope this helps!


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I did know about the ability to pull a report of users who responded to opportunities -- that's really useful and helpful, but why does it have to be exported...?  The Site Manager has such an easy, nice tool for filtering and searching for users, and I think I just want that to be accessible to the agency manager (but limited to responses at that particular agency). 

10000% to #1 on John's reply!!   We want it to be easier for agency managers to manually enter hours for volunteers (specifically, when we're trying to help acknowledge the contributions of volunteers who are computer resistant).  I think having to download the report to find the email to enter the hours is kind of a bummer.  

I would also like agency managers to be able to search for opportunities by name or use a table function to find opportunities that are posted on their agency so that they can access and edit them quickly -- I know you can search for them on the schedule, but that isn't a direct avenue to editing the page (for example, if they see something is wrong in the description). 

I feel like we may have had more feedback on this.... if I find some more notes I'll post them here.  Thanks for looking at this! 

Hi John and Stacy,

Thank you both for clarifying further! Please feel free to add anything else that comes up around this topic. I will continue to update the enhancement suggestion with new information about what this would ideally look like from your perspectives. 

I hope you both have great weekends!



Another use case for an expanded view of volunteers is adding hours.  Our Programs are construction sites.  If a homeowner needs additional hours to fulfill their sweat equity requirements, they will travel to the other sites and work on other houses.  The Program Manager at that site would like to enter their hours, but it is not possible unless the homeowner had responded previously to the Program or an Opportunity within it.

It makes complete sense within Get Connected to restrict the visibility of volunteers to the Programs in which they participate, but in Community Connect, where there is just single organization (e.g. a Habitat affiliate), the restriction is forcing us to skip the Program Manager role and make all managers Site Managers - which exposes a host of other risks.

Hi John, 

Thank you for your additional suggestion! All our Community Connects are a little different, and require their Program Managers to have different levels of access.. I understand how this works for your particular Community Connect platform, and your use case is in our minds when we think about future updates to the software. 

I hope you have a great day!

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