More generic docu-sign set up for waivers

I posted this in the product suggestion forum. Buuuut, figured it made more sense to post it in the Habitat for Humanity specific forum! :)

Our waiver that Habitat International has us use requires a lot of information from volunteers. With the docu-sign, it makes it very difficult for users to complete the waiver (see attached file). I think it would be better and easier if it was possible to set up the documents with generic boxes for plain text, numbers and signatures.

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Hi Christina,

I'm a volunteer setting up the site for Habitat of Cape Cod.  We handled the issue by modifying the standard Habitat waiver.  The only fields left on the electronic version are initials, signature, and date.  The fields that were removed (name, address, phone, emergency contact info, medical notes, etc.) are now required fields that must be completed as part of the user registration process.  The added benefit of moving this information to the profile is that it can easily be updated by the volunteer at any time..

Hi John,

Thank you so much for the reply - I actually did a similar thing! At the same time, it's difficult to limit the options for the required waiver fields. I just want to make sure it's easy to complete for the volunteers and we get all the info we need.

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