Meta Image / Social Image Preview and SEO Preference

As of now, all pages have the same Meta image when posting links from our site to a social platform.

When organizations are posting their "Need" URL on their social channels (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), the image preview is always the same as if you were to post any URL from our site.

I would love to see the functionality added for site managers to create custom Meta Images and Descriptions for all of our pages (Needs, Events, Resources, etc.).

Also, the OPTIONAL ability for Agencies to add their own Meta Image and Description for their page and all of their Needs would be of significant value.

By adding these features, we are helping every organization (including ourselves) convert volunteers from their social channel as well as better communicating what is on the other side of that link.

As an example, if Bob likes volunteering at the Shelter, Bob will be more likely to engage with something related to the Shelter, not the Volunteer Center.

I've attached 2 screenshots of examples of posting links and 1 screenshot of how another service solves this problem within Wordpress. I'd be happy to further demonstrate ways these features would be of value for agencies and site managers.

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Hi Ryan, thanks for reaching out. I think this is a great point, and I will be sure to add this to our enhancements board and bring it up in our next enhancements meeting!

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Agreed! Also, when sharing we share needs on facebook, the image is always truncated, as the example below. A complete image related to the need/event/initiative/page would be fantastic!


Hi Erica, thank you for adding your voice to this post. I will be sure to bring up this feature request in our next enhancement discussion!

This would be extremely helpful for our site too. Currently, the social share image is our site banner and it gets cut off. Visually, it is not a good image. Being able to change and customize the image for various opportunities and events would allow us to create content more likely to entice people to click on the link.


Hi Samantha,

I completely agree and appreciate you adding your thoughts here! The screenshot is also helpful as well.

I have added your thoughts to our existing notes about this enhancement.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend,


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