Color Options For Infographs

When creating the Volunteer Impact Pages, I've noticed that the color options for the infographs are very limited (only 3). I think the cool colors option and the warm colors option aren't as effective because each color palette is made up of too similar of shades/hues.

It would be nice to be able to create my own color swatch(es); it would enable me to create Habitat brand-specific stuff.

If it's not possible to allow me to create/choose my own colors for the infographs, it would be nice if Galaxy Digital could create more color options for the infographs so the data is clearer to comprehend.

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Hi Christina,

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback! This is definitely something we have heard from other site managers, and we agree. I am going to add this to our enhancements board, so the development team can hear your voice. I will advocate to have more options or custom options, so you can create a more branded environment. Let us know if you have any other suggestions! Have a great weekend!



I agree with the above comment and would love an update on this? The colors are really similar and hard to read on donut graphs. 

Hi Hayley, 

Thanks so much for adding your thoughts to this forum thread! I have not heard of any movement quite yet in regards to this suggestion, but will be sure to bring this back up with the team to consider at our next enhancements meeting. 

I can totally see why folks would want this type of update, and the ability to create their own color palettes!

Thanks again,


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Any update on this yet?

Hi Hayley,

Hope you have been well! We have reviewed this request with the team, but otherwise there has not been movement yet in regards to how or when this type of update will be implemented in the software. 

The good news is, it is something we will continue to review! If we have any updates on this, I will be sure to reply here to let you know about them.

Thanks so much for checking in!

Have a great holiday weekend,


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