Color Options For Infographs

When creating the Volunteer Impact Pages, I've noticed that the color options for the infographs are very limited (only 3). I think the cool colors option and the warm colors option aren't as effective because each color palette is made up of too similar of shades/hues.

It would be nice to be able to create my own color swatch(es); it would enable me to create Habitat brand-specific stuff.

If it's not possible to allow me to create/choose my own colors for the infographs, it would be nice if Galaxy Digital could create more color options for the infographs so the data is clearer to comprehend.

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Hi Christina,

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback! This is definitely something we have heard from other site managers, and we agree. I am going to add this to our enhancements board, so the development team can hear your voice. I will advocate to have more options or custom options, so you can create a more branded environment. Let us know if you have any other suggestions! Have a great weekend!



I agree with the above comment and would love an update on this? The colors are really similar and hard to read on donut graphs. 

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