Bulk Option to Add Qualifications to Opportunities

I would love to see an option to add a certain qualification to multiple opportunities at one time. We have a mandatory training that you must attend prior to being able to volunteer at all so we are having to go through and manually enter this qualification into any opportunity that any of our partner agencies post. By allowing us to add those in in bulk it will make it much quicker and allow us to not forget any of the opportunities!

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Hi Cara,

I want to make sure I get the idea down correctly, so bear with me as I nail down these details! There are agencies on your site who are affiliated with your organization, but not run by your organization, and you have a requirement that volunteers attend a training before they volunteer with any of your partner organizations. Is this a training you host for your agencies? Is there a reason they aren't applying the training qualification themselves when posting? These are all things the development team will want to know when considering this change! I want to make sure I do a good job conveying your idea to them. 



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