Ability to Change Application Question

We changed the terminology for the Causes and Interests options to Activities and Event Types, respectively. So far so good, except for the volunteer application where the questions are the same as if you're using the original terms. It makes for awkward reading/confusion when we have them choose the type of event that they like to volunteer at, but the question actually reads "What interests, talents, and skills do you have?" This is the same for Step 2 on choosing their activities they like to do, but instead it asks "What activities are you passionate about?" If I had the ability to reword it to "What activities do you like to teach about?" then I think it would make more sense to the volunteer.

Therefore, my suggestion is to allow us the ability to reword the selection questions for the Causes and Interests pages of the application.


Alayna McGarry

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Hi Alayna,

Thank you for sharing your feedback! I will submit your request for phrase updates, as this would be useful when volunteers register and a language override has been made. We appreciate your providing your use case and examples. Let us know if you have any other thoughts!



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