Initiative Banner Visible Options

There is a banner that appears when sorting opportunities by Initiative, and though we like that feature, we do not like that it appears after selecting an opportunity.  Specifically, we liked making "Youth Opportunities" an initiative, but all of the opportunities we have could also be done by adults.  When the opportunity is selected outside of the Initiative, "Youth Opportunities" still appears at the top, which is confusing for our adult users that would be more than welcome to volunteer for that opportunity.


There should be a way to have the banner only appear when all opportunities in an Initiative are shown through a filtered search, and not when a specific opportunity is selected as it doesn't always apply.

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Thank you for the feedback, Elyse! I am happy to share this idea with m Development team, but would like to suggest in the interim that you can edit the description to provide information that the opportunities are open to both youth and adult volunteers! You can play around with the text editor to bold or highlight this messaging so that it really stands out.

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