Assigning Opportunities to a single agency/program manager

We are using "Agencies" instead of "Programs" and within each agency there may be a number of managers who run activities for which they will post Opportunities. Currently, all the managers receive notifications about activity having to do with all the opportunities posted under the heading of their agency. We don't want to turn off our notifications because we want to know what is happening with each of our respective opportunities. It would be very helpful to us if the "Create a New Opportunity" form had a field for the email of the primary manager of this opportunity and the primary recipient of notifications for this opportunity. We can always add additional recipients in the field provided but the person running the gala dinner doesn't need  to know about volunteers for the children's sing-a-long.

Similarly, the site manager doesn't need to get notifications for every opportunity registration but needs to know when an opportunity or agency posts something new for approval.

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Hi Lisa,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on notifications for Agency/Program manager. We will make sure to document your use case for review by our development team. Have a Happy Monday!