Better Communication between User Group Leaders (aka Teachers) and Agencies

It seems a bit odd that agencies and faculty cannot communication with each other, or even see contact information, via Galaxy Digital. Research has shown time and again that instructor engagement with the placement agencies leads to much stronger relationships, and thus a greater level of support for the students. Additionally, if something goes wrong at the site, the agency manager should be able to contact the instructor without having to go through the institution's site manager.

This should be pretty easy to do via the table filters. All we'd need is a name and an email.

So, my recommendations would be this:

  • In the table filters in the SLM Leader Portal, there should be a way to select Agency Contact or Opportunity Contact. I see that, under Hours, both Contact and Contact Details are options, but they don't seem related. Even if an "Additional Supervisor" appears in the Opportunity, having even one contact is better than none.
  • In the table filters under View Responses (via Opportunities in the Agency Manager page), there should be an option for User Group Leader Contact and Contact Details.

Again, since everyone has an email address to be a part of this system, creating opportunities for access to email addresses for communication purposes would greatly reduce the effort put in by the Site Admin. IF a college does not feel comfortable with the idea of each side possibly viewing this information, perhaps the option could be given in Settings for this to be turned on/off.


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Hi Sapan,

Thank you so much for sharing this feedback! I am going to document your thoughts and ideas for our development team to take a look. We appreciate the solutions that you provided, as this always helps us better understand the use case. Let us know if you have any other thoughts on this topic. Have a great day!



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