User Groups

I am playing around with the User Group function so I am able to explain it to organization that I think could utilize it.  

I created a User group with just me and my coworker.  I then created a private volunteer opportunity and assigned it to that User Group.  I was not notified by email that this had been done. 

So my question is, is there a way for members of a User group to be notified when a volunteer opportunity is created for that User Group?

Hi Erica!

Great question. In this situation I would recommend adding all users to the user group, then going to the email blast area and setting up a user filter to email just the members of the user group. It would look something like this: 

You can then create a very personal message that will go specifically to that group of people! You can include information about specific projects that have been assigned to them and next steps for how you would like to interact with them. 

I hope that idea is helpful to you!


Hi Ali,

I just recently became Site Manager for my Get Connected Platform.  Thank you for the above information. I just want to make sure, that I understand. If I upload needs to my private user group and want them to be notified, I would have to do an e-blast each time, correct? This doesn't automatically notify them each time a new need is added. Thank you in advance! 

Hi Erica, 

That is correct. There is not an automated notification that is sent to user group members when new needs are assigned to their group so this must be done manually. 

Happy to help!


Great, thank you so much! 

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