"Soonest First" Sort Option Does Not Work

So I've come across two problems with the "Soonest First" sort option for needs:

1. It sorts "Runs Until" needs first.  You won't seem "Custom Shifts" or "Happens On" needs until you've scrolled to the end.

2. It doesn't sort the "Runs Until" needs by date.  I have November needs showing before September in some cases, and there doesn't seem to be any reason to how they're sorted.  That said, once you get to the "Custom Shifts" or "Happens On", those seem to sort correct.

These issues make this sort option unusable.  I've attached a couple screenshots to help display what is happening with our site.

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Hi Elyse, thanks for posting. 

I have converted this post into a support ticket, and will help you get the bottom of this!

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