Add option to post multiple events in batch to Google Calendar

This product suggestion is to add the ability to post a batch of events to Google Calendar in one step.  

Use case:  I have a Need/Opportunity defined as Recurring every Monday for ten weeks.  A volunteer Responds by signing up to volunteer every Monday.  They submit their Response.  Connect shows a dialog that gives them the option to post their schedule in Google Calendar.  The dialog that pops up lists every day they checked off (in this example - all ten Mondays), and the volunteer then has to click each day, one at a time, to have it posted.  It would be much simpler to have the option to have all ten dates/events posted at once - in single batch operation. 

Hi John, 

Thank you for this suggestion! From what I am hearing, ideally when users see this box for their response to multiple shifts: 

There would be an additional option included to add all of these options to calendar at once. Does that sound right? 

Thank you!

This has been added to the Enhancements board!

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