Site Managers Ability to Add Users Hours Manually without Need

I manage over 700 volunteers as a Site Manager. Currently, there isn't an option to manually add hours to a user without a need response. There needs to be an option added asap. Assuming the role of the user is not a feasible option when managing so many volunteers. 

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Hey Ashley- Thanks for taking the time to write this up. I know that we're always on the look out for suggestions that can save our admins time, so I'm passing your notes along to our development team.


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Ashley, we have the same problem. The workflow for manual sign-ins is rather painful, but we don't assume the user role. It requires Site Manager permissions, first to search for the user, click through to their profile, try to add hours, only to find they haven't responded to the need. Then go to the Volunteerism->Needs page, search for the need, add a response (searching for the user again, and filling in shift info), then back to the user to add the hours (again filling in shift info).

Would love to see a better solution.


Hi Beth, Thanks for voicing your support for this enhancement. I will make sure to add your post as a specific example of how and this would be a time saver!

Absolutely need to streamline this process. We enter default hours for many volunteers each month who can't (or won't) check in and out. This would be a big help to us.

Hi Becki!

Thanks for adding your voice to this post! I am updating this request to reflect your support. The more voices we have the better chances we have of advocating for a change. 



Wondering if this feature has been added yet? We are looking for a way to track disaster volunteer hours for the entire Houston community...even if an individual /agency does not have an account on our site.

Hi Brooke, thanks for reaching out! 

I would recommend checking out these resources from our help center:

Anonymous and Plus-one Hours for Site Managers

Anonymous and Plus-one Hours for Agency Managers

I was handed a sign-in sheet. How do I enter those volunteers and hours?

The first two articles detail how to set up your site to allow anonymous and plus one hours, and how you can use these features to record hours for users who don't have accounts in the system yet.

The third article talks about how you can use the quick add users and hours feature to create new accounts and record hours for users at the same time.

I hope everyone in the thread finds these helpful, have a great day!

Has this feature been added yet?  Seems so simple -- add an option on the Add Hours module under "Need Resonse Lookup" called something like "Add Hours for Other Need."  

Please let us know if this is in the works.

Thank you!

Hi, Mary,

I hope you're well! To make sure I'm pointing our enhancements team in the right direction, I want to clarify the ask here. Are you hoping to give site managers the ability to add individual hours vs. adding hours and assigning them to a general opportunity? If it's the latter, I would definitely recommend using the Quick-Add Hour Tool where you can quickly add a need response and attribute hours for a user in the same view. If not, I would be happy to send this over to our enhancements team and document your support for the feature.


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