Easier Reading for Messages

In the drop-down for in-app messages, I'm able to read the first line of a message, see who has responded to an opportunity, etc. 


However, I can't quite see enough to give me the full picture. When I go into my inbox, though, I only see the title of the message, which tells me nothing. With some days as many as 12-20 messages coming in, I can't filter for what's important and what's not. 


Can we get that same brief summary or maybe even more displayed in the inbox as well? Even an option to toggle that? 

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Hi Wendy, thanks for reaching out!

I will make sure to add this suggestion to our enhancement list, and bring it up in the next enhancement meeting. 

Just to be clear, you're asking for the same excerpt from the notification dropdown to be added to the inbox, right?

Yes. Thats correct.

Also, if there was a way to delete messages from the inbox (like a check box and select "delete selected") that would also help a lot. 

Hi Wendy, that's a great idea!

I'll add that one to our list as well. Have a great thanksgiving!

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