Add a confirmation message to let the volunteer know that their SELF CHECK IN and CHECK OUT worked

This product suggestion is to add a confirmation message following the SELF CHECK IN/OUT process to let the volunteer know that their CHECK IN/OUT was successful.  Get Connected Community currently does not provide any evidence visible to the volunteer within the application that their SELF CHECK IN/OUT worked.   Without confirmation, a number of volunteers assume the process did not work, so they then attempt it a second time.    Or a third time.  The problem that results from multiple attempts is that the volunteer's hours are "double booked" with each attempt.  Instead of recording 8 hours of work, for example, they will be receive credit for 16, 24, or more, depending on the number of times they retry checking in.  

This issue is not the same as adding multiple hour entries - which is a valuable feature

This issue exists across all types of durations  

This issue is not related to the KIOSK

Our construction sites are not able to use the KIOSK because we have unreliable cell phone service in our area, we have no WiFi, and our only electricity is from gas powered generators

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Hi John,

Thank you for this thought-out enhancement request.  I will be sure to submit it through our process.


Michelle Grasty-Colont

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