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In order for our volunteers to see the upcoming events and calendar, they must meet our qualifications first. I would like for there to be a notification to the site manager that there are qualifications that were submitted and need to be approved. This way the volunteer won't have to wait days before I realize they submitted their request. I think a template message for this could work so that we could make it active/inactive depending on our needs.

Thank you,

Alayna McGarry

Hi Alayna, 

Thank you for adding this suggestion! I will add the following suggestion to our enhancement board for our Development Department to review:

"Add an Automatic Notification sent to Site Managers to alert them that there are Qualifications pending their review." 

Thank you!


I hope that this is being considered.  I just found out that there were more than a dozen qualifications that have been pending for quite awhile. There wasn't really anyway to know that these were pending. And I'm sure the volunteers weren't aware either. This notification could be triggered after a user updates that section of their profile.

Hi Karyn,

Thanks so much for your input! I have some good news, we recently added pending qualifications to your weekly "Notice of Pending Items" email notification. Now, the list shows the number of qualifications added that week needing approval in the items list.

We are constantly trying to improve our software and hope this will help with our site admins workflows! 



CX Specialist

She / Her

Thank you! I appreciate how quickly you have been addressing/ solving these issues. Karyn
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