Uploading Individual Qualifications

Currently, if you have multiple qualifications required from a user, all the qualifications need to be uploaded at the same time. It would be very helpful to me if I could upload the qualifications as I receive them. Because I rarely receive all the necessary forms at the same time, I need to store the documents on my computer instead of uploading them when I receive them. I also lose the quick visibility of which forms are still outstanding. Thank you for your consideration!

Hi Motria, thanks for reaching out! 

I will be sure to bring this up in our next enhancement meeting. Just so I'm totally clear, you're talking about editing user qualifications from the manager area, and uploading files on their behalf, correct?

Yes, I upload files on my volunteers' behalf. Working with a senior demographic, many are not very computer literate so it's just easier that way. Thanks for taking my suggestion under consideration. 

Thanks for clarifying! I will make sure to bring this up in our next enhancement meeting.

Have a great day!

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