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The templates for auto- generated emails are great, but they can be difficult and it is very easy to mess them up. I make changes each year to the templates for our initiatives. In order for me to see the emails volunteers will be getting I set up a dummy initiative, sign up for it and just wait for the reminders to start rolling in. That is not ideal.

I would LOVE it if you could add a "Preview Email" button or have it generate a link, so that I can see a preview of the email that will be sent out. 

I would also love to be able to setup the exact time and date that I want the auto-generated emails to go out. I frequently get questions from my fellow staff members asking if a specif reminder has gone out yet. I'd love to be able to set it to send on my schedule.


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I love both ideas. Especially the "preview" option. 



I would really like the preview to be here with the individual and team templates. 

Two thumbs on the suggestion!

Hi Malisia, thanks for reaching out!

The preview option is tricky, because these templates all use template keys. Template keys are replaced with the corresponding text when the email gets sent out, so a preview would show the raw template keys instead of the text the users would receive when the email is sent. This is why we haven't been able to implement something like this. 

As for email scheduling, I will make sure to add it to our enhancement board!

Thanks again for your suggestion. 

Hi! I would like to know where we are on this suggestion in the enhancement board? If a "preview" is difficult, maybe you could add an option to actually send a test email to the email(s) of your choice. 



I want to second or third this request as well! Sending a test email would be incredibly helpful.

Hi Kayla and Melanie,

Thanks for adding your voice to this request!

Just to clarify for the enhancement board, I will present two ways that I could post this for our developers to view:

"Managers would have the ability to preview an email before it is sent out AND also have the option to send a test email, in regard to automatic notifications."


"Managers would have the ability to send out a test email in regard to automatic notifications." This would be an alternative to the preview feature enhancement.


Maia Price
Customer Experience Specialist. 

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