Template Key Requests for Auto Generated Notifications

Under notifications in the Template Keys I would love it if you could add <Agency Address> and <Login Link> as options for every available template.

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Hi Malisia, thanks for reaching out!

I will make sure to add your suggestion to our enhancement board and bring it up in the next meeting. When working with template keys, we always have to consider what data is available based on the event that triggered the notification, so it may not be possible to add {{agency_address}} to all templates, but I will make sure to check on where it would be available. 

Have a great week!

Hi Eli,

If possible, it would be great to have the {need_link} option available in the Template Keys for all notifications related to a need/opportunity (ie. new volunteer registered notification to agency/program manager, volunteer unregistered notification, etc). 



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Hi Eli,

I second this. More specifically, I would like the Opportunity/Need address to be available as a Template Key.


Hi Kate and Cody, thank you for writing in! I think these are great ideas, and I will add your suggestions to our list of template keys to consider adding to need-related notifications.

I hope you are all staying healthy and safe!

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