Ongoing Opportunities Expire after 365 Days

We have numerous agencies that will add an opportunity as ongoing and NEVER come back to update it again. 

I would like it if the on-going opportunities automatically deactivated after 365 days. It would be great if Galaxy could send notifications at 30 days and 7 days warning that the opportunity will be deleted. Then send one after it's deleted with a link to restore and update the information. 


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Double thumbs up!! To have ongoing opportunities expire after a year would be great. I'd also like organization records to deactivate after one year if they have not been updated. This would be a huge help. 

Hi Malisia and Molly, 

Thank you for your suggestion and support! I will add this to our enhancements board suggesting that Ongoing Needs expire after 1 year. I will include the addition of an automatic notification letting Agency Managers know that Need will expire soon. 

Thank you!

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