Ability for Agency Managers to Receive Replies from in-app communication

Please consider the addition of a return email address directed to an agency manager for all in-app communications from agencies to volunteers.

It is really imperative for a reply-to feature for each agency to be functional and relevant for managers to use the system and feel confident that they will be connecting with volunteers.

As a Site Admin, I receive multiple email replies from volunteers each week who assume that when they hit reply to a message from an agency manager sent from within the system that their message will go back to the sending agency. I then have to forward that reply to the manager and/or reply to the volunteer to direct them to the appropriate address. This can often require me to look that information up in the system. WAY too much effort and looping for a simple email reply.

I am aware of this note in the documentation - but it is a caveat that is deterring usage.

"Important: Any emails that you send this way will have the standard no-reply return addressed used for your site. Be aware that volunteers will not be able to reply to your email."

This creates unnecessary confusion for all involved and nullifies any convenience of communicating with volunteers inside the system.

Can this feature be included for all agencies? Or a default reply address of the primary agency contact email for all agency communications?


We are seeing that new agencies on our site will optimistically use these communication features - but then see the limitations and abandon collecting volunteer information on the site AT ALL. They will instead use the site as a recruitment tool and place an OUTSIDE link to Sign Up Genius or similar in their description to actually collect and communicate with volunteers smoothly on one platform.

Having a communication feature that only works in one direction is not a communication feature - it is an alert system - and that is not what is needed for volunteer management to be effective.

Thanks for your consideration.

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Hi Lucy,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback about communications on the site. I am adding this information to our enhancements process to be vetted by our development team. Please reach out to our Customer Care Team with any questions. Have a great weekend!



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