Adding children to my own profile

Hi, I have children that need to do volunteers hours. Do I create a team? Or can I just somehow add them to my profile. It would be easier so I can book us for the event right away rather then creating separate accounts. Can someone please help me.

Hi Jessica, 

What site are you working on? This is the support forum for Galaxy Digital. We created the software that the organization you're wanting to volunteer with uses to coordinate their volunteerism. If you send me the URL, I can put you in touch with your site manager who can let you know how they would like you to sign up. The easiest way to indicate that you are coming with more than one person is to create a team. 

Happy to help! 


Am using the website. I created my account already how can I switch it to a Team Account or do I need to create a new account? Thank you!

Hi Jessica, 

Shelly Tibbs is the Adult & Juvenile Alternative Service Program Coordinator -

She would be a great person to reach out to talk about your and your kids volunteering. This article - covers how to respond to an opportunity/need as a team. 

Have a great day! 

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