Create the ability to edit the message when responding to a shift.

It would be great to be able to edit the message under "Opportunity Response" when volunteers get to the page. Currently it says "Thank you for your response to this opportunity. Please fill out the form below so that we can share your interest with the location that posted this opportunity. They will receive an email with your contact information and will reach out to you shortly." 


This doesn't make sense for us, because once they respond they're registered.  Also, while we post from different locations, it's really just a few of us managing volunteers.  This message makes it sound like someone will be in touch to confirm that, but that isn't the case.  They just receive an automated message confirming their registration.  Is it possible to change this message and if so where?


I would like it to say something like "Thank you for signing up for this opportunity.  Please fill out the below form to complete registration.  We look forward to having you volunteer with us."

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Hi Melanie,

Thank you for your suggestion, and for the explanation of your use case! I've included this post in our enhancement board, where it can be reviewed by the development team. 

I hope you have a great Friday!


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