E-mail Link Incorrect

Aloha, in a recent e-mail send October 15, Subject: [Maui Volunteer HotSheet]  Recycling event, Habitat for Humanity Build, Haleakala Nursery Program, and more!

 clicking on the Malama Maui Nui Logo takes you to a link for a cleanup at giggle hill August 3rd which is incorrect and unrelated to our organization.


Hi Kris,

Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, the Galaxy Digital support team is only able to offer technical and strategic support to our software clients. While I won't be able to resolve this issue on behalf of Hands on Blue Ridge, I see that you have an open ticket with Maia from our support team regarding this issue. It looks like we have cc'd your site manager, who will be able to assist you in getting your login issues resolved. If you haven't heard back from your site manager yet, I encourage you to reach back out to Maia for additional guidance. In the meantime, I recommend reviewing this article from our help center for guidelines on how to reset your password  Lastly, our forum posts are not monitored as frequently as our emails, so I encourage you to maintain communication through the email channel.

Thank you for all you do for your community! 

All the best,


I am stumped. I created an account for my agency, STEP, Inc. and now cannot log back in. Notifications are going to my boss rather than me and I can't get in to the account to make corrections. Unfortunately, your help topics don't seem to address this and I can't find any way to "talk" to a live person on this site. HELP!

This was resolved in a support ticket. 

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