Notify volunteers when their shift is cancelled

This product suggestion to is add a new notification to Connect which would be sent to all volunteers who have registered for a shift when the shift is cancelled.

Occasionally it is necessary to cancel shifts due to bad weather, power outages, emergencies, or other unforeseen events. The cancellation often happens the night before.  It would be extremely helpful for Connect to send out a notification to the volunteers who were registered for that shift, informing them of the change.

Hi John, 

When you delete a shift the " Unregistered Need Volunteer Confirmation" is sent out automatically to anyone who is registered for the shift. I would recommend altering this message to include information about why they may be receiving the message, due to unforseen circumstances such as " bad weather, power outages, emergencies" etc. 

Please let me know if that's not what you're looking for! 



Hi Ali,

We have modified the wording of the Unregistration Notification in a way that spells out the two different types of events that could trigger the sending of it.  Either the volunteer has unregistered their self from a shift, or the Program Manager has deleted a shift due to unforeseen circumstances.  These two events are very different from the volunteers perspective, and rather than sending a description of both events, it would be more user friendly to send messages specific to the event that triggered the notification.  With this product suggestion, the Unregistration Notification sent to the volunteer would remain unchanged.  The new notification would be specifically for the case where the Product Manager deletes a shift. 

Hi John, 

I hope you've had a great week! I've written up your request for an additional notification template that would go out specifically when a site manager or program manager deletes a shift which in turn would remove the volunteer responses as well. 

Hope you're staying warm up there! It's certainly getting chilly down here. 


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